Why C6 Sports?


  • Promote tackling safety through proper technique
  • Create a love of competition and smart participation
  • Build confidence through progressive skill mastery

R + V = UC | Repetition + Visualization = Unconscious Competence


Training Progressions:

  • Known to Unknown — Conscious to Unconscious
  • Easy to More Demanding
  • General to Specific
  • Simple to Complex
  • Descrate to Serial to Continuous

Training Levels

Ages | Level
6-7 | FUNdamentals
8-10 | Learn to train
11-13 | Train to train
14+ | Train to compete and win

Why kids need to participate:

  • Helping kids to become more skilled will help them get off the bench and couch
  • Kids are stressed by overscheduling
  • Kids/parents are pressured into sports specification at younger ages
  • It’s easier to build a child correctly than repair adults
  • Proper tackling mechanics can be taught at young ages
  • Confidence is proceeded by competance
  • Creating a fun, competitive learning environment edifies and challenges for skill mastery
  • Parent involvement in sports activities can be the most quality time shared — creates family / community bonds
  • Training/retraining nervous system and muscles through repetitious movements create muscle memory

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