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If you want your team to win, teach them to respect each other.

Respect is a key component in strengthening your team on and off the field. Teamwork begins with individuals respecting their teammates whether on the field, or in the real world. Once they respect one another, the strength of a team begins to emerge. Teammates can then begin to work together, share together, endure together and succeed together. Eventually, they share the powerful benefits that can only come through individuals acting together toward the pursuit of a common goal.

Teamwork occurs within a team only when there is respect. Great teams evolve around self-respect and respect for each other.

The most important skill to teach team members to improve respect is how to listen and ask questions, especially clarifying and enquiring questions. Teaching the team to question rather than assume builds rapport and respect quickly. To maintain self-respect and respect for others, disrespect MUST be counseled. Allowing individuals to show blatant disrespect is a precursor to the rest of the team going down the same path.

As Andrew Carnegie once said, “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Teach your team to respect each other by listening, asking questions, accepting differences, and working together – and you’ll see a big difference in their play!

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